The Quality Of Coffee From Coffee Vending Machines

When you think of coffee vending machines, you may not think of quality coffee. Whilst some machines do vend poor quality coffee, you would be wrong to think that all of them do.

Some companies pride themselves on offering drinks that match the standards you would find in a café. Common café coffees are Espresso (strong shot), Cappuccino (Espresso topped with foamed milk), Latte (Espresso with plenty of steamed milk) and Americano (Espresso with added hot water) but other drinks are also available such as Espresso Doppio (double espresso) or Babycino (coffee-free cappuccino, often with a shot of flavoured syrup). Syrup flavours are available to add to the drinks and they are additional vending options. The selection of drinks you can get from some machines rivals the hot drinks menu of many cafes and the taste is great too.

You can also find coffee vending companies offering seasonal variations such as vanilla or gingerbread latte. These options make a nice change.

How healthy the vended drinks are for you is important. Look out for companies that don’t use HVO’s. This acronym stands for hydrogenated vegetable oils and they are best avoided because they affect blood cholesterol in a similar way to saturated fats and increase the type of cholesterol that can contribute to heart disease.

These days, many people also look for their drinks to be made from low fat milk and so the option of ‘skinny’ drinks is useful.

It’s not just the taste that is important – ethics are too. It is important that the beans were farmed sustainably and the workers were paid a fair wage. This is why it is important to look out for a seal of approval from the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade.

In some coffee plantations, children have to work the land instead of going to school and in some cases forests are cut down to make way for cash crops. The wage that some workers get can be pitiful, especially when compared to the price the consumer will pay once the coffee has got to the country of destination. Checking for the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade logos will help ensure you don’t contribute to these bad practices.

To top off the coffee experience, it is important what you are drinking out of. Paper cups with sip lids are good because they keep the drink warm. They are also good for people on the go because they help prevent spills of hot liquid. They’re ideal for commuters.

Usually you will find that the paper cups are recyclable meaning that they can be broken down and re-used so that they don’t just add to the ever increasing landfill sites around the country.

It is fair to say that some companies do offer very good coffee from their vending machines. It is ethically sourced, healthy, and very importantly, tasty. There’s no need to compromise on taste just because you want the convenience of a vending machine.

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