The Differences Between Banquet, Bench & Booth Seating

When it comes to creating the interior for a pub, bar or restaurant and any other business within the hospitality industry for that matter creating the right atmosphere and look can be make or break. Making the correct interior design choices has the power to induce strong emotions within your clientele, both positive and negative, and selecting the right seating is one part of this.

With so many options in the market place it can often be confusing when it comes to deciding what the best choice is to fulfil your business requirements. So to shed a little light on the options available we got some advice from one of the expert producers of bespoke seating within the UK. Here they informed us of the top three choices within the marketplace.

Banquet seating is a long upholstered bench that is placed against, or sometimes built into a wall. Many restaurants choose this type of seating as it allows for minimum space to be used whilst also providing a greater number of seats, a great space saving technique.

Another possibility is bench seating, very similar to banquet seating, although often smaller and with two benches facing each other split by a table in between. If you are trying to evoke the feel of a 1950’s diner this would be the perfect choice for you. Often seen in cafes this seating gives a relaxed feel making people feel at home. It is also a very social seating option and often big enough to allow six people to sit around a table easily.

Lastly, a popular choice is booth seating; this type of seating creates a private space in a public setting, perfect in bars, pubs and restaurants alike, allowing people to enjoy both the social environment whilst still enjoying their friends company in an enclosed seating environment. By incorporating a number of these options, such as banquet seating and booth seating your business will be able to offer clients a range of options, from enjoying a quieter night in a booth to being in the midst of the social atmosphere on the banquet seating.

All of these options can be specifically designed to fulfill your exact requirements, from fitting a certain space exactly right down to the fabric used to upholster them, allowing you to use them to great advantage providing a statement piece in any space.

If you’re interested in adding some bespoke seating to your business why not contact one of the specialist suppliers that are located across the UK to discuss the options.

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