The Benefits of Thermal Stores

A thermal store is essentially a hot water storage unit, and has several advantages over other systems.

You can be sure to get instant hot water when you use a store. When the store reaches the required temperature, hot water is delivered instantly to the taps, and at high pressure.

Some systems will force you to wait for hot water, or only deliver low pressure hot water. This is not the case with a thermal store.

A thermal store can also deliver a high water flow, so the sink or bath can be filled quickly. You can be confident of achieving flow of 45 litres per minute, which is more than can be expected from other hot water systems.

Efficiency is another benefit of a thermal store. The on-off cycling of a traditional boiler is eliminated, which improves efficiency also improves the lifespan of the store.

Indeed, while conventional boilers will require an annual service to stay in top condition, this is not the case with a thermal store. There is no need for an annual service, which reduces maintenance costs dramatically.

Thermal stores can also save space, as well as money. The store will generally take up less space than other types of water cylinder.

This means you can use additional space for storage.

If the right materials are used, there are additional advantages, compared to water systems utilising alternative materials.

Copper provides excellent thermal transfer and requires less energy to reach the required temperature, when compared to steel and other materials. The less energy that is used, the more money you will save.

Copper also possesses a natural ability to fight water borne bacteria, such as the bacteria that causes legionnaire’s disease.

This type of water store can also be easily adapted to work with different fuel sources, if your requirements change in the future.

They can harness renewable energy such as solar power, as well as LPG, biomass fuel or many other fuel sources.

Not only are renewable energy sources more environmentally friendly, they also cost less in the long run. A thermal store can use multiple energy sources, and is a great choice if you want to back up solar with another type of fuel.

So, there are many advantages to using a water storage system compared to other methods of heating and hot water production. They are more adaptable, less costly and often more efficient than other water cylinders.

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