Sudami Yacht – The Best Way to Explore the Bahamas

The Magnificent Bahamas
There is no denying that the Bahamas are a truly magical place. Since decades, the islands of the Bahamas have been attracting people from all over the world because of its tropical beauty and its international appeal. The Bahamas are truly unique because of its natural beauty, its cuisine and its vibrant culture. For most travelers, the New Providence Island and Nassau are the main attractions. Nassau is known for its absolute beauty and it has plenty of water sport activities, fine dining restaurants, colorful fish markets and plenty of chic boutiques and stores for shopping. the Grand Bahamas Island on the other hand is absolutely raw and natural and is known for its rare flora and fauna. The limestone caves on this island are the main attraction.

There are also quite a lot of smaller and lesser known islands in the Bahamas if you crave for some seclusion and privacy. These islands can be easily visited if you have your own luxury yacht. Chartering a yacht would ensure that you can decide your own itinerary and go to some of the most far flung and hidden islands in the Bahamas.

The Sudami Yacht
Travelling to the Bahamas would require a special yacht like the Sudami Yacht. This yacht had been built in the year 2007 by Inace. It has a length of 33.83 meters and a cruising speed of 11. The design of the yacht is such that offers complete comfort even while sailing for long hours at sea. The best thing about travelling by this yacht is that it allows you to enjoy some of the best views of the ocean and enjoy some of the most enchanting sunsets while at sea. There are not many ways of travel where you can feel so at one with nature.

The Sudami Yacht has been beautifully decorated by interior designer Michael Kirschstien. The entire yacht has the look and feel of a luxury resort while it still feels very cozy and comfortable. It can accommodate up to 10 guests and a crew of six. The yacht features 3 double staterooms, 3 single staterooms and 2 triple staterooms. All of the staterooms are spacious and offer the best in sailing luxury.

Quite a lot of thought has been put into the making of the Sudami yacht which is why it looks and feels so special to guests who have travelled aboard this special yacht. Much care has been taken to ensure that even the finest of details are not missed out. There are a lot of entertainment options on board so that the guests have plenty to keep them occupied while they are travelling.

Imagine entertaining your guests on the deck at sunset and luxuriating in the marvelous bathrooms in your stateroom, not many yachts can provide you with this type of luxury.

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