Radiant Sexual Energies, An Exercise

My first experience of the Radiant Circuits was at a 2003 Energy Medicine class taught by Donna Eden. I was instantly struck by the powerful, alive and interactive nature of these sexual forces! Since then I have taught them to numerous groups and many individuals.

The Radiant Sexual Energies have never disappointed me! Each time they have seemed delightful to all. The energy change is palpable once they enter a room. Intense sensations of joy, arousal descends and people smile. Quite a few feel as if they are connecting with a deeper raw part of themselves. Some experience this facet of themselves for the very first time.

I first started working with this Radiant Sexual Energy particularly for seduction. I would go into a cafe and pick a specific person. I would then do the drill below to experience a deeper connection on a level of light trance.

There are ten Radiant Circuits in all. Four of these also act as meridians. These are Central, Governing, Spleen and Triple Warmer. The remaining Radiant Energies are: Belt Flow, Regulator Flow (Yin and Yang), Bridge Flow (Yin and Yang) and Penetrating Flow.

These types of energies perform an amazing array of functions. They help us heal and feel joy, feed calming energy to the brain, protect the aura, help regulate the endocrine system, strengthen arousal and orgasm and connect us to ourselves and others sexually. And this is only a few of their activities!

In the matter of a split second, the Radiant Energies create circuits that spread energy throughout the entire body, the mind and into the external environment.

Try your own simple Radiant Sexual Circuit activating exercise!

1. Use your imagination to activate this line of pulsating energy on your body. Remember a time when you felt a warm hot mouth near this area. Using as many of your sensory faculties as possible – see the scene, hear the sounds, fully feel the pleasurable body sensations – possibly a sense of openness and warmth in your upper body and belly, or a gentle breeze caressing your anticipation.

Breathe in and completely enjoy these sensations and notice what happens in your body and with your mood and level of energy.

2. Place your hands at your temples and smooth behind your ears and down your neck 3 or 4 times then let your hands rest on your shoulders. Take a nice big breathe in. As you exhale pull your hands down off your shoulders and position them over your heart.

3. Breathe gratitude through your heart – for appreciating your physical body, even if it is so very simple like having this moment of peace and breath.

I highly recommend you locate this sexual energy on your body prior to doing the drill. Close your eyes and just sense it.

Sexual energies have greatly affected my deep trance abilities by helping me associate deeper into the sexual fantasy.

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