Jaguar Safari – The Ultimate Wildlife Adventure

Are you a wildlife enthusiast searching for your next big adventure? Do you aspire to see one of the world’s most elusive, yet fascinating animals in its natural habitat? Does the idea of coming close to the notorious predators of the world get your spine tingling? Then a Jaguar safari through the jungles of Brazil should be high on your list of wildlife trips to embark on.

Jaguars are famously secretive and have never been easy to sight, so the idea of a Jaguar safari may have you wondering about the chances of seeing them and the quality of the experience. Luckily, however, the area in Brazil known as the Pantanal is home to the highest density of these big cats in the world and offers the best opportunity to sight them.

There are specialised nature travel companies that offer the Jaguar safari package and by booking through one of these you are guaranteed a quality experience. The best companies will pride themselves on the standard of their English speaking guides and their success rates with regards to sightings. As most tour groups are small you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers and swap stories while sharing adventures with other nature enthusiasts.

Searching By Water

The secret to the success of Jaguar safari trips in the Pantanal is the fact that the safaris are run by boat. These big cats are very shy creatures and are constantly listening out for potential threats, so by using the boats you are not only reaching places that other vehicles cannot, but there is also much less noise to cause a disturbance. The rivers in the Pantanal take you deep into the jungle and away from the safari lodges and noisy jeeps; from the comfort of your boat you will be able to see the Jaguar basking in the warmth of the sunshine on the riverbanks, one eye open for signs of danger and swishing away the flies with their tails. If you are very fortunate, you may witness one of these beautiful creatures in the skilful act of stalking.

Although top of the food chain, this has been an endangered species for some years. No matter how high up the food chain an animal is, the wrath of human greed and the inevitable modernisation and development of infrastructure is the toughest of all predators to deal with. Fortunately, their plight has been recognised and much is on going to help preserve these magnificent beasts. The Pantanal is a designated protected area, and conservation projects are constantly being developed in order to educate and increase awareness of the importance of such concepts.

Heading to Brazil to embark on a Jaguar safari is one of the most special of the classic wildlife experiences. Sighting one of the elegant big cats in their natural habitat is a most humbling and awesome encounter and one that will stay with you always.

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