Hereford Gay Bars

Hereford is a popular city for visitors and is in the county of Herefordshire, England. There are currently only two Hereford gay bars and one of them is a mainstream club, which provides a gay night. Hereford’s gay scene is very small but there are signs of improvement.

The first of bars is a place called Saracens Head, which is located at 1 St Martin’s Street. They are open from Tuesday until Sundays, they are a bar with a fresh and inviting atmosphere. They have a great food and drink menu for their patrons, the bar itself is cozy and offers a great range of entertainment such as music and quizzes. This Hereford gay bar is great for going for drinks with friends and you could quite easily end up staying here all night.

The second of Herefords gay bars and clubs is a place called Docs Nightclub, which is a place on Aubrey Street and holds a gay club night on the third Thursday of the month. This club is very swish and offers a great atmosphere, with a pleasant layout. During the week they have great drink promotions for their patrons.

Although Hereford gay bars are few and far between currently, there are other bars and clubs in the town that have live entertainment and a lively atmosphere. When visiting these bars and clubs the staff and other patrons are as pleasant as the surroundings and can be a great evening out or a stop along the way to Saracens or Docs Nightclub where there is a lot to do on weekends when visiting the town of Hereford.

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