Carlisle Gay Bars

Carlisle is a big city in Cumbria, North West England and offers a great nightlife. There are two Carlisle gay bars and a load of other bars and clubs for your entertainment pleasure. There are several bars and clubs in Carlisle and the nightlife is actually quite good.

Carlisle gay bars and Carlisle gay clubs are few and far between but the best places to go are a bar called Finnegan’s a club called The Whitehouse both of which offer something a little bit different. Finnegan’s is a gay bar in Carlisle which offers a relaxed, laid back setting with many pool tables and sofas. The atmosphere is relaxed and chilled out and is a great place for chatting with your friends because the music isn’t too loud.

Another of Carlisle’s gay clubs is The Whitehouse which is situated on Warwick Road and offers its customers a range of different entertainment events such as Zinc Friday and other themed nights. The Whitehouse is definitely a place to go late at night once you’ve had a few drinks at other bars such as Finnegan’s. The Whitehouse play a variety of music from gay cheese to funky pop and you can always have a great night out here in Carlisle.

Carlisle is in Cumbria and in Cumbria, as a whole, the gay scene it quite small. Carlisle gay clubs and Carlisle bars are probably the best in the area. You will really have a good night out in Carlisle and although there are only two gay venues, Carlisle’s other pubs and bars are mostly gay friendly.

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